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Rock n’ Roll Golf Ball Markers?
As a touring musician, my days are filled with espresso and the quest for inspiration. From concerts to recording, writing new music to networking, the majority of my work happens when the sun goes down. Playing a round of golf has been a great way to find inspiration. Fresh air, a little exercise…more espresso, and the desire to chase a tiny white ball around a beautiful landscape has been a good way to relax, yet ponder new lyrics and melodies.


The trouble is, when golfing with friends, I found no inspiration in my little plastic ball markers with the local insurance agency printed on it. People have used spare change as ball markers for practically as long as golf has been around. Since making my first coin guitar pick, people used them for all sorts of things besides playing guitar. Magicians have used them as components of magic tricks. Some folks have used them as lucky lottery scratchers or even good luck charms at the casino.


I decided to fuse my love of music and enjoyment of golf by using one of my coin guitar picks as a golf ball marker. It was certainly shinier and easier to find on the green than a simple plastic ball marker. To be sure, it also had more flair than a dirty nickel covered with pocket lint in the far reaches of my pants. Ultimately, although most of my picks work as ball markers, I found that old US silver coin guitar picks worked best. They are thinner, smoother, and of course cool because they contained silver. I’ll gladly make custom golf ball markers as well. Consider your birth year, favorite state quarter, or a foreign coin from a recent vacation. Please check out some of my favorite picks that work great as golf ball markers below. Rock n’ roll golf ball markers!

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