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About Coin Guitar Picks

Coin Guitar Picks

Coin Guitar Picks (plectrums) are beautiful, handmade art, and are the easiest way to get extraordinary sound out of your instrument. In fact, some of the greatest musicians in the world use our picks. The best part is, our picks have incredible, liquid smooth, beveled edges. Therefore, they don’t promote string wear or body damage. Playing with The Original Coin Guitar Picks is the best way to create awesome tone and memorable stage presence. More than 70 celebrities (including multiple GRAMMY winners) own our guitar picks. In addition to our notable players and countless working musicians, guitarists just learning to play use our picks as well. Each Coin Guitar Pick comes mounted in a crystal clear, plastic presentation case. Every pick comes with individually signed and dated cards by Ruvane, the world’s foremost maker of Coin Guitar Picks.

The Playing Experience

Coin Guitar Picks are compatible with acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, ukulele, bass, banjo, lap steel and more. They provide a strong and articulate tone without sounding harsh and metallic. This is due to our unique beveling process. Our picks will increase the speed and accuracy of your playing, therefore helping you to become a better player. Additionally, if you play sweeps, pinch harmonics, or other specialized techniques, our Coin Guitar Picks will help you play with greater ease. Further, if you primarily play acoustic instruments, Coin Guitar Picks will give your strings new life. They will sound alive longer, and one dimensional chords will sound full and vibrant. For soloing, Coin Guitar Picks will give you a confident attack with minimal pick noise, and the smooth bevel we’ve created will limit the “touch” on the strings to help you play louder and stronger with less effort.

Recording Studio

In the studio, you’ll have greater control of your performance. Including our Coin Guitar Picks in your arsenal will help you achieve a wider tonal palette. By loosening your wrist, you’ll achieve a clean and sparkly performance. In addition, you can firm up your wrist to dig in and get an aggressive tone. The unique back side of our Coin Guitar Picks will also help you create new and interesting sounds and string slides.

Materials and Style

Coin Guitar Picks are available in metals like copper, brass, silver, gold, platinum, nickel, aluminum, steel and more! Each metal provides a unique sound to assist you in creating the perfect tone. We even make picks from casino chips, video game tokens, wooden nickels and more. Our picks are available in many popular sizes, including standard “351” style, smaller “Jazz 3” style, and speed size for chicken picking and speed metal. We even make jumbo picks for bassists and everyone in between. They are available in a variety of thicknesses as well. We can even do custom orders at your request with virtually any coin. We’ve made guitar picks from sentimental family coins, to custom pieces for theater and magic. The sky is the limit.

Found in all 50 states and more than a dozen countries, our Coin Guitar Picks are truly, “The World’s Finest Picks.”

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